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    Dolch Sight Words   >   Activities   >   Bingo   >   2nd Grade Bingo Cards


    Dolch 2nd Grade Sight Word Bingo Cards

    On this page we offer free bingo cards and printables based on the 2nd grade list of Dolch sight words. The download which is in PDF includes 8 different 2nd grade bingo cards, and a call-list of the words that appear on the bingo cards.

    Teachers should print out a the Dolch 2nd grade bingo cards and give one to each student. They keep the call-list to themselves, and then play the game of bingo in class, taking the role of bingo caller.

    Bingo is a great and enjoyable way to help students master the Dolch 2nd grade words, and the competitive element can act as a real motivator!

    Here is an example Dolch 2nd grade bingo card:-

    Dolch 2nd Grade Bingo Card

    Recommended next steps:
    • Download the ZIP file containing the printable Dolch 2nd Grade bingo game, print out the materials, and then play Dolch 2nd grade bingo in class:

    • Download the free trial version of Bingo Card Printer. This bingo card maker software includes ready-to-use Dolch 2nd Grade bingo templates (and hundreds of other templates too). You can use these bingo templates "as is", or customize them by adding colors, adding or deleting items, or printing out larger numbers of bingo cards.

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